Leave your 2016 baggage in 2016

I think January is a GREAT time to clean out your closets!  

You know the one I mean. The old closet in the back of your mind where you keep all sorts of memories that no longer serve you. Why take them into the new year?

Do you really need to hold onto that irritating memory of Serena in the fifth grade who called you a loser?  How about that girl or boy who dumped you in high school?  I think it’s high time you forgave these people and let them go.

(And yes, I forgave Serena years ago … LOL)

So here’s my suggestion … clear out the closets in your mind. Go back to elementary school and forgive the kids and teachers who wronged you. Then slowly move forward and forgive everyone who comes to your mind. You don’t need to chant, say a poem, or burn some smelly incense in your room to do it. Forgiveness is a feeling. When you forgive someone, REALLY forgive them, you’ll feel a pressure in your gut. Almost like a brick has been lifted off your shoulder. You’ll FEEL lighter somehow.

Then sit back and watch what 2017 will bring in for you. EXPECT the new year to be GREAT!  Don’t expect the same old stuff to happen … expect 2017 to be the BEST YEAR of your life!!!!

I know that’s what I’m expecting …

Until next time,