Can I Still Say That?

Did you know that there are words you can’t say anymore?  All of a sudden, after saying these words for dozens of years, they are now considered politically incorrect.

A client of mine recently reminded me of this. I was telling him a story about a “secretary” I knew years ago. When I finished, he gently reminded me that I couldn’t use that word anymore.

You can’t?

Nope. It’s more politically correct to say administrative assistant now.

Apparently there’s a bunch of them that you can’t say …

  • Secretary is now Administrative Assistant or PA
  • Janitor is now Custodian
  • Maid is now Housekeeper
  • Stewardess is now Flight Attendant (we all know that one)
  • Waiter is now Server
  • Salesperson is now Sales Associate
  • Garbage Man is now Sanitation Engineer
  • Icebox is now refrigerator
  • emergency brakes are now called parking brakes
  • Supper is now called dinner!
  • Old has been replaced with senior citizen or elderly.
  • Bald is now folically challenged

Seriously?  Come on!!!  So you are telling me that a dishwasher would now be utensil engineer?  

It seems that these words have all gone to the same place the telephone booth went. Remember those? 

Let’s not forget the new words that the milennials have added …

  • “My bad” means my fault
  • “Sick” means great, cool, awesome

They’re even abbreviating words …

  • OMG
  • BFF
  • LOL

How about words that now mean something else?  Words such as Tweet, Feed, Tag, Status and Viral all have completely different meanings now. Don’t get me started on the word “junk”, which doesn’t mean junk anymore.

I have no doubt that there are dozens more out there that I’m not allowed to say anymore, and even more that mean something else. Hard to keep up with it. I guess I need an interpreter now.

It’s all semantics really. Words are just that … words. The meaning behind the words is what matters.

Remember, people may not remember what you say, and some might not even understand it … but they’ll never ever forget how you made them feel.

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3 thoughts on “Can I Still Say That?

  1. Clarence Woods

    Sign of the changing times. I really miss when everything was closed on sunday. It meant that you spent time with the family. Now everything is gimme it now.
    Honestly, I believe the world has gotten just a bit to sensitive and conflicted we are so worried about hurting someones feelings or offending someone, while at the same time doing things that show we don’t care.

    Just something to think about.

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  3. JaneDi

    practice makes perfect. we will gain a lot during our future life, remember them.

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