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Concierge Cloud2“Wow! Thank you. Even though I had already finished reading your book The Concierge Manual on my iPad by the time I received your 2 email replies (I read it in one sitting late at night!), THE MOST POWERFUL thing I learned in this experience so far was how powerful (and rare) superior customer is, as evidenced by your 2 prompt, efficient and ‘it was my pleasure’ approach in your response to my email. That in itself crystallized the concept of over delivering customer service.” Louise, Australia

“Katharine’s Concierge Entrepreneur E-Course is an absolute must for anyone considering pursuing a career in lifestyle management. This isn’t one of those online courses that gives you the basic information with no instructions. Katharine’s modules are engaging, encouraging, and filled with a multitude of practical tips and personal experiences to ensure that you are successful in your endeavors. She covers everything you need to know from setting your prices to attracting more clients and everything in between. Upon completion of this course, I felt motivated and fully prepared to start my own service. I’m now my own boss, with a handful of clients, and I have Katharine to thank for that. So if you’re looking to start your own concierge business but don’t know where to start, I recommend taking advantage of the Concierge Entrepreneur E-Course. It truly is a five star experience.” J. Saddler, Saddler Executive Concierge


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